IPSYNTH Laboratories offers special Chemicals.
We produce among others:
- nitrocompounds (mono, di, tri substituted aromatic and aliphatic compounds)
- selenium chemicals (metal, alkyl and aryl selenides, diselenides etc.)
- sulfur derivatives (mercaptans, sulfur heterocycles etc.)

Some of our products:
2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine stabilised (P.A.)
picric acid stabilised (P.A.)
beta-nitrostyrene +98% (GC)
4-chloro-2-nitrotoluene +97% (GC)
nitroethane +99% (NMR)
nitrododecane +98% (GC)
diethyl diselenide +99% (GC)
carbon diselenide +98% (GC-MS)
selenium disulfide FinePure

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